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updated on 14 June 2015

Dear Friends,

If you would like to updates or share with us your website, please post notice here, or simply click on my name below and e-mail me, i will be happy to include your thoughts.

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Pepito Justin Tan & Eileen Er
Bronco Beat Philip Tan
CLDAS Michael Phang
Danz Fever Allen Koh
Dance Of Joy Bee Khim
Der-Rangers Club Roland Tan

Jane Ng

Jane Ng

Jenny Lim

Jenny Lim
Jenny Tan Jenny Tan

J & P

Jonathan & Peggie

Jus Danz

Joyce Lim

Le Danz

Allan Lee

Line Dance Society

Chen Kuo Wei

Low Boon Hua

Low Boon Hwa

Ong Kee Lin & Jane

Ong Kee Lin & Jane

Richard Wong

Richard Wong

RJ Rangers

Raymond & Jenny 

Roger & Irene

Roger & Irene
Soul Dancers Sobrielo Philip

Wild West

Robin Sin

Winston Yew

Winston Yew


Peter & Eelin